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Apex Drive Club


The Driver's Club is designed to provide a unique and immersive experience for passionate individuals who share a deep love for high-performance vehicles, motorsports, the art of automotive detailing, and giving back to our community.  As a valued member, you will have access to a range of benefits and privileges tailored to enhance your automotive lifestyle.

Our club will concentrate on both High Performance Driver's Educational (optional), and social events.  A limited number of members will trained and prepped for actual HPDE track events at the end of the year or the beginning of next year, and every member will be able to participate in any/all social events. 

Sign up here:  https://www.por4mance.com/book-online

By joining the Driver's Club, you'll become part of a small community that shares your passion and offers a platform to engage with like-minded individuals. Whether you're into the thrill of racing or appreciate the art of detailing, our club has something special for everyone.

We are reaching out to a select group of individuals, and we believe your enthusiasm for automotive excellence aligns perfectly with the ethos of our club. If this piques your interest, we would love to hear your thoughts and discuss how you can become a founding member of the our Driver's Club.

Feel free to reach out to me directly at por4mance@gmail.com or (843) 408-9906 to discuss any questions you may have or to express your interest in joining the club. We look forward to welcoming you into our exclusive community of automotive enthusiasts.

Bringing the car community together.


Schedule of Events:


For each event, members are invited to bring 1 guest – GTD Pro members are allowed 2 guests.  Each event there will be snacks, and beverages provided.



May 4:             Grand opening                       


June 15:          24 Hours of Leman’s viewing party

                        0930 – arrive

                        1000-1600 – Watch the first 6 hours of the 24 Hours of Lemans.



July 20:            First Driver’s Education course: 

1700-1800:  Introduction to beginners’ track day and prep (not mandatory)

1800-2000:  Dinner cruise from Apex Drive Club to a beachfront restaurant (you can bring a guest as well – spouse, significant other, friend, etc.)


Aug 24:            Poker Party

Texas Hold’em or dealer’s choice (depending on the number of members that want to participate).

1700-1800:      D.E. Course (Vehicle Dynamics I)

1800-1830:     Rules and explanations

1830-TBD:       Texas Hold’em or Dealer’s choice


Aug 31:            Clemson v UGA football watch party (if there is interest)


Sept. 21           Range day at Twin Ponds Rifle Range

                        Learn how to shoot or enhance your skills with a certified professional instructor.

Pistols, M4, and a Sub Machine Gun (SMG) will be available.  Bring your own firearms as well. 


0900-1000:      Classroom instruction (safety brief), unloading/loading procedures, basic marksmanship, and immediate action drills

                        1000-1100      Drive to Twin Ponds or a local range

                        1100-1130:      Range setup

                        1130-1330:     Range time

                        1330-1400:     Brass call and clean up

                        1400-TBD:       Optional lunch at a local venue



Oct.  12        Petit Lemans @Road Atlanta Viewing Party              

Nov.              First Fund Raiser - Cars and Coffe event for Veterans with PTSD - Proceeds will go to Track                         Heroes

Dec. 7          1st Annual Christmas Party - Secret Santa for club members

Jan.  TBD -   1st Track Day at Roebling Road Raceway

See our packages available under, "Apex Drive Club" here:  https://www.por4mance.com/book-online

3 Packages available:

Apex Drive Club Entry Level - 59.99/month

GT3 Club Level - $300.00/month -  One free detail per month is included

GT3RS (VIP) - $500.00/month - Two free details per month and car storage for one car.

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