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Finding cars for potential buyers across the U.S.  If interested in selling or buying a car, please contact me:  por4mance@gmail.com



2005 Mercedes Benz


107,500 miles

I invested over $9,000.00 into this car 



Exotic Cars Consultative or Consignment Services




If you are like most people, and can’t stand the thought of buying or searching for a new, leased, used, or pre-owned car (Porsche), then let me assist you in your search.  You will never be pressured to buy anything because I have no vested interest in the deal.  My goal is to make sure that you find the Porsche that you want at the price you are willing to pay.  I will never pressure you.  Personally, I have owned four different Porsches in the past 10-years and have studied the brand in great detail.  I can assist you in with whatever questions you may have. 


Let’s be honest, buying a Porsche is complicated.  There are so many great models to choose from and once you choose the model, there are so many options to pick.  Do you want air-cooled, water-cooled, SUV, CUV, Electric?  This list can go on and on.  I can save you time and money by doing the research for you and present you with options.   The Porsche 911 alone has over 50 different modes for example, the 991.2 generation has the models:  GT2RS, GT3RS, GT3, GTS, Turbo S, Turbo, Carrera S, Carrera 4s, Targa GTS, Targa 4 GTS, base model Carrera in either coupe or cabriolet, etc.  As you can see, this can get complicated very fast.

If you decide to hire me, I will start off by emailing you a general questionnaire, which will help me decide which models to recommend.   

How can I assist you?

  1.  Help you determine which Porsche (make, model, year) is best for you.  Also inform you of potential problems associated with that particular generation, if applicable.  For example, the 996 and the possible problems with the IMS bearings

  2.  If you know what Porsche model you want, then I can help you find it through various means: internet, Porsche Club of America classified section, and other methods as well).


For Charelston Area Residents, or if you are willing to travel to Charleston

If you live in the Charleston area, our car buying service can be extended beyond consultative services. I can arrange for you to test-drive different cars, models or years (assuming the car you are looking for is available) through the dealerships.  If you want to compare the 911 to the Cayman or the Cayenne to the Macan; or if you want to test the car and see the ‘Por4mance’ side of it, I can arrange for you to do hot-laps at the Porsche Experience Center with a certified driving instructor or sit behind the wheel yourself (standard fees at the Porsche Experience Center will be applied; also, this feature will only be available to the fleet of cars that the Porsche Experience Center has at that time). 

In addition, if you are looking to buy a Porsche, from a third party, private owner, or a questionable dealership, I can arrange to have a pre-purchase inspection of that Porsche done for you,  This would be an additional fee but performed by a certified mechanic.  

How it works?  I charge at an hourly rate:  you can hire me for 1/2 an hour, full hour, or for 8 or more hours, depending on how many questions you have and what car you are looking for.  I charge $90.00/hour.  I do this as a side business so keep that in mind if you do decide to hire me.   As for how it works, you will tell me what you want help with and then we will move forward from there based on that response.  We can talk on the phone, text, or email, whichever form of communication you prefer.

Want us to assist, please fill out the form below and I will contact you back shortly.

Thanks for submitting!

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